About us

Little Willow Vintage is a modern baby homewares brand inspired by simpler times. 

 We believe in a simpler life and a less is more approach in this fast paced world.

 We believe in slow and ethical design and that good things take time

Little Willow vintage handmade baby wares

  The story began with a girl, Nicole who grew up watching and learning from her creative mother Denise. The joy she experienced from designing and making beautiful things with her own hands still inspires the brand today.

The label began in 2010 when, after the birth of her son, Nicole noticed that it was hard to find great things for boys. 

So Nicole – an interior stylist, enlisted Denise – an award winning art quilter and seamstress, to help create the first quilts under the brand Alphabet Monkey. Denise was thrilled to finally pass on the skills first taught to her by her own mother and grandmother.

From there the brand grew, with quilts being found in stylish nurseries in every continent.

However a change was in the works with the birth of her second child,  Willow as Nicole sought to find a balance between creative desires and the demands of motherhood.

Little Willow Vintage (launched in 2017 ) reflects that need to pare back.

Coming full circle the brand has introduced a range of understated styles heading back to simplicity of yesteryear.

A simplicity we all crave today.

Little Willow vintage baby quilt.Vintage nursery, vintage crib, pink nursery



We are lucky enough to have been featured in various magazines including Little One Magazine and Mother and Baby, as well as Mama Disrupt magazine. We have also been featured on lots of super cool blogs and websites internationally including Apartment Therapy, Babyology and Decor8 and Interiors Addict.